This is ME.

I grew up on the Gulf Islands, beautiful, and boring, but nice all the same.

I am currently back living on my Island for the summer. I have rediscovered my lost love of Theatre, and am in Studio 58 at Langara College in Vancouver. Where I will become a Pro tech theatre person.

When I am in Vancouver I live at Kates Bro's house, which is interesting to say the least. Anyone who knows Chris will understand.

Other things about me are, I love hanging with my friends, Amber(my Sis), Kate(Bestest friend), Casey(Best friend, and personal stylist), Holly(my best and so many countless others(i feel like I'm making an acceptance speech...geez)

I love Music, all kinds, music is my inspiration. . I love cooking, and reading, playing on the computer, swimming, coffee(LOVE COFFEE), Spring and Fall, my B-Day and Xmas, Party's and Intimate dinners. Reconnecting with old friends. Things that make me Happy....or that make others happy.

When I last updated this page I said I was still waiting for the right man to sweep me off my feet... Well I have been swept, I met Al last summer and we have been together since.

So there's the general Idea of me....



Director and Cast of "Lonestar"



Cast & Crew of Population 11

Cast & Crew of "Population Eleven"



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