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Greece Athens Canadian Embassy, 4 Ioannou Gennadiou Street,
115 21 Athens, Greece
30 (1) 727-3400
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Here are a few helpful phrases to master, written phonetically. Accent the syllable in CAPITAL letters:

KaleeMEra - Good morning
KaleeSPERa - Good evening
YahSU - Hello
EfcareeSTO - Thank you
ParakaLOH - Please, also heard as "you're welcome"
KAthika - I am lost

Big warning: In Greek, the word for "No" sounds like "Okay" - OH-kee, as in "Okey-dokey". Remember, if it sounds like "Okay" it means "No way!"

And the word for "Yes" sounds like "No" - NEH! It may help to think it sounds like "Now", as in "Let's do it right now."


The Pink Palace


Patra Youth Hostel
68 Heroon Politechniou Street
Patra, Tel: +(61) 427 278 Fax: +(61) 452 152


Corinth Hostel

From the IYHF: The only hostel recognized by the IYHF in Greece at this time is Athens International Hostel, which can be booked through IBN, at 16 Victor Hugo Street, 10438 Athens. Tel: (30) (1) 5234170 Fax: (30) (1) 5234015

It has come to our notice that some hostels in Greece are using the Hostelling International logo without IYHF approval. Please be aware of this problem. For further information about accommodation in Greece, you may contact the above hostel in Athens. Check out the Lonely Planet website


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